Have thoughts and feelings?

Some that frustrate, overwhelm, & stress you out? Keep you playing small in life?

Congrats! You’re Human.

Hi! I'm Adriana. Life Coach, Therapist, & Nutrition Educator. I help people master habit change and navigate the obstacles of adulting


—Life Coaching Services—

As a Life Coach and Therapist, I can help you create easy strategies to master habit change, transcend limiting beliefs, and navigate life's tangles (pedestrian or otherwise) while still guiding you on, not losing track of the larger goal.

You know it’s time to step out of that _____ (Fill in the blank: toxic relationship, unfulfilling career, busy schedule, chronic stress, behavior pattern) but your mind has been tricky and stubborn- working hard to maintain the status-quo even when you consciously want to shift. There is always a justification why you should continue with the same unproductive patterns of thoughts and behaviors instead of making the changes you need.

Who would you be without fear of change, self-doubt, and indecision.

You don't have to be your biggest obstacle.

Together we will create a strategic framework to help you shed habits that stand between you and that smart leap forward that would make you feel proud and inspired.

Here’s the thing, You don’t lack willpower. You aren’t weak or lazy.

Shifting out of old habits takes more than positive affirmations, green smoothies or a couple of down dogs in yoga class.

Life Coaching will empower you to take charge of your life, develop self trust and create the change you desire. And when the past and present collide, I’m able to offer a mix of guidance, tools for self reflection and a strategy to reframe the situation going forward.

I work with high-achieving people who have a vision for where they want to go but need support and strategy to let go of old stories and create a new beginning. Instead of focusing on limitations, I help my clients see new possibilities and feel excited about life again.

Where do you want to be six months from today?


—Food For Life Classes—

Health is a relationship between you and your body. Food is your fuel.

Unhealthy eating habits are linked to many chronic diseases and aliments, such as depression, fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders, and some forms of cancer.

As a Food for Life instructor, I’m passionate about helping people get clear and confident about how to eat for optimal mind-body health.

Simply by changing what you put on your plate you have the power to change your health.

Food for Life classes are in person nutrition education and cooking class that teach practical and easy to apply skills for healthy eating. The classes are evidence-based, interactive, and include both an educational component and a cooking demonstration.

Get informed & cultivate consistent healthy eating habits

—Let’s Work Together—

I offer 1:1 coaching via Skype & in person Food For Life classes.

For 1:1 coaching, I offer a free initial strategy session, where we'll design a plan to help you reach your goals. Working via Skype or phone our coaching sessions will fit into your schedule seamlessly. In each session we will implement manageable actions steps towards your goal, all while gaining new empowering views.


Abandon the concept of working harder. Every step of the process will feel inspiring, productive, and motivating!


For Food for Life classes, I offer in person group classes and employee wellness classes for companies. Classes include both an educational component and a cooking demonstration. Classes range from one two-hour class to a series of classes. Each class you will learn evidence-based nutrition information and taste delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes.

Get informed and cultivate consistent healthy eating habits

—About Me—


It’s nice to meet you! I’m thrilled your here!

Life is full of transitions, I'm here to help you navigate them with ease.

Passionate about stressing less, eating plants, and living more, I love helping highly motivated people just like you take your life to the next level and feel more alive, inspired, and healthy.

You matter. Your whole person matters. 

I utilize a whole person centered approach to help you bridge the gap from thinking about your dream life to implementing a strategic action plan to create it.

From my background as a licensed therapist, I have a unique  skill set to help you design and build a more fulfilling, healthy, and balanced life.

—What People Are Saying—

Adriana had a pivotal role in my growth, both personal and professional. Adriana empowered me, reminding me and encouraging me to drive the direction of my life. Through our meetings, I learned how to set and hold boundaries, be intentional and clear on my needs and wants, and make decisions that are aligned with who I want to be and where I want to go. Adriana offered perspective and empathy and helped me to access skills that continue to propel me towards the life that I aspire to achieve. It is evident that Adriana truly cares about her clients and is intentional in her work and I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— A.M
I am thrilled with how much I have learned from her. She is very knowledgeable on emotional health and wellness and is thoughtful and helpful in her advice. In just one month I was able to make changes in my overall way of thinking which has drastically improved my life. I have since experienced less stress and headaches, and more peace and energy. My advice to anyone considering working with Adriana is to go for it! You will quickly see the unique benefits her coaching can have in your life.
— L.M.

She gave me constructive tools and practices to help me help myself on a daily basis. She helped me rethink an entire portion of my relationship that was causing me serious anxiety and stress, and it’s a lesson that I still carry around with me today. I felt actually proactive about taking charge of my life and improving it through my sessions with Adriana, and I cannot recommend her enough as a life coach.

— R.Y

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