The 4 Week Leafy Green Challenge

The Challenge: Follow a plant based diet for 4 weeks

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If you want to feel healthier, increase your energy (no more sluggish mornings or afternoons), lose a couple of pounds without starving yourself or following the latest fad diet, speed up your recovery time between workouts, and improve your mood- The Leafy Green challenge will help you accomplish all of that and more!

 4 Weeks to Improved  Health


Long lasting change is accomplished by a series of small, consistent action steps completed over time.

This challenge will get you started in the right direction to make eating cleaner and healthier a daily habit.

During this challenge you will eat an abundance of whole real foods. Your daily consumption of grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes will increase and  processed foods (oils, packaged food and sugar) will significantly be reduced or eliminated. It has never been easier to give plant-based nutrition a test run to see if it’s for you.

What the Next 4 Weeks of Living Plant-Based Looks Like:

Yes, you will look and feel better. You'll have more energy, and likely sleep better too- but you know that already, that's why you're here. In the next four weeks we will lay a smart foundation that equips you to effortlessly shift to a plant-based lifestyle. 

We'll cover the following:

  • getting to know your food habits and patterns
  • how to painlessly significantly reduce or eliminate processed foods
  • meal planning- delicious and easy to make meals
  • confidence in making healthy nutrition sustainable
  • understanding how plant based nutrition can make a huge impact on your health
  • expert support & check-ins

Expert Coaching You'll Receive During Your Challenge

  • (1) 60 minute strategy session to outline your customized challenge plan and first week of meal plan resources
  • (1) 30 minute coaching call for meal planning & continued support
  • (1) 30 minute minute post-challenge evaluation & next steps
  •  Access to our beta-stage private Facebook support group  

Invest in your health! 

4 Weeks/$299


The Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle:

You wont have to worry about counting calories or portion sizes. JUST  eat lots of healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense whole, real food until your full and satisfied.  

Achieve your healthy weight and accomplish your fitness goals with ease

There will also be amazing health benefits. Plant based nutrition has been proven to prevent and reverse chronic medical diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, some forms of cancer and obesity.

You will have an increase in energy, a healthier emotional relationship with food and body image and decreased fatigue, brain fog, and depression.  

Your food choices will have a positive impact on your emotional and mental health! A plant-based lifestyle is made up of fresh, clean, healthy, and nourishing foods that will leave you feeling physically, emotionally and mentally amazing! 

Ready to Feel Amazing?


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