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Check out what some of my go-getter clients who said YES to creating their happiest and healthiest lives had to say about working with me.

I am thrilled with how much I have learned from her. She is very knowledgeable on emotional health and wellness and is thoughtful and helpful in her advice. In just one month I was able to make changes in my overall way of thinking which has drastically improved my life. I have since experienced less stress and headaches, and more peace and energy. My advice to anyone considering working with Adriana is to go for it! You will quickly see the unique benefits her coaching can have in your life.
- L.M.

Working with Adriana was a transformative experience for me. Adriana helped me to heal different parts of myself by encouraging and guiding me to strengthen my relationship with myself. She is a genuine, thoughtful, and empowering woman with a contagious energy. I always left our sessions feeling recharged and eager to handle whatever came next using the different skills she helped me to develop. Adriana truly supported me in realizing how much control I have over my life and I will forever be grateful for the impact she has had on my journey.
- M.G.

Adriana had a pivotal role in my growth, both personal and professional. She empowered me, reminding me and encouraging me to drive the direction of my life. Through our meetings, I learned how to set and hold boundaries, be intentional and clear on my needs and wants, and make decisions that are aligned with who I want to be and where I want to go. Adriana offered perspective and empathy and helped me to access skills that continue to propel me towards the life that I aspire to achieve. It is evident that Adriana truly cares about her clients and is intentional in her work and I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
- A.M.

She gave me constructive tools and practices to help me help myself on a daily basis. She helped me rethink an entire portion of my relationship that was causing me anxiety and stress, and it’s a lesson that I still carry around with me today. I felt proactive about taking charge of my life and improving it through my sessions with Adriana, and I cannot recommend her enough as a life coach.
- R.Y.

Adriana helped me see things more clearly and decide if what I was doing was right for me, and what I could do to change it if it wasn’t. She helped me realize that I couldn’t control what happened in the world but that I could change my reaction to it and that I didn’t have to settle for something that didn’t work for me. Our sessions together were always great and I always looked forward to them. Today I know how to better handle a situation thanks to the sessions I had with her!
- J.S.

We worked together to identify the root cause of things I struggled with and then perhaps more importantly, solutions that will benefit me long term. Her patience and focus on the solution rather than the problem made me confident in my ability to live out the solutions we identified during our sessions.
- M.M


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