Meal Planning- Your Key to Success

3 Tips for Easy Meal Planning Success

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Think of the last time you come home from your day hungry, tired and unmotivated to cook only to open the fridge and find no prepared food. Next thing you know you’re eating processed food from a box, getting take out or especially when starting out on your plant-based journey reverting back to animal based foods.

An easy way to stay on track with your plant-based lifestyle is meal planning.
This will be your key to success whether your just starting out or have been living plant-based for years.

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3 Easy Meal Planning Tips

Plan ahead

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Having a plan is the best way to ensure that you will have enough healthy meals and snacks for the week and won’t have to resort to take out or eating processed foods.

Start with picking one day a week to complete your food shopping and cooking. 

Be prepare for food shopping by mapping out your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners for that week. This will make food shopping faster and cheaper.  Roaming around the grocery store without a plan can lead to a full cart of individual items but no actual meals. It can also lead to purchasing extra items that are not needed such as unhealthy snacks or duplicates of what you already have at home.


Keep a stocked pantry

Keeping your freezer full of frozen veggies and frozen fruit and your cabinet full of a combination of canned and dried beans and bags of grains is an easy way to stay on track if your schedule doesn’t allow for you to go food shopping on your regularly scheduled day.  Frozen veggies and fruit are great, just read the ingredients list to ensure that there are no added ingredients, it should just be the veggie or fruit in the bag. A grain, a bean and some veggie will allow you to quickly whip up a healthy grain bowl option.

To ensure all you’re meals are flavorful even when unplanned, play around with adding different spices. I also always keep some flavored balsamic vinegar on hand-my favorite is Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar to add some flavor.


Cook in double batches when possible


Not all meals may be best for double batch cooking but soups, stews, lasagnas, veggie burgers and vegan pot pie are just a couple of examples of the types of meals that can be cooked in double batches half for your current week's meal and half to freeze for another time.

When freezing meals, mark the date that you place the meal in the freezer and use the meal within two months of freezing. 


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