The 4 Most Common Reasons to Adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle

Why a Plant Based Lifestyle?

We spend much of our day eating food yet most people have not taken much time to evaluate why they have chosen their nutrition lifestyle. This can leave us eating a hodgepodge of foods we eat because they are the foods we grew up eating, foods that are fast and easy to make, or somewhere we heard it was healthy for us to be eating it without checking the evidence based research behind the claim.  We are constantly inundated with conflicting and constantly changing information regarding what's healthy and which newest fad diet to follow. It can be very confusing!

What’s not confusing is that the standard America diet high in animal products, fats, and processed foods has caused numerous health problems as shown by an enormous amount of evidence based research. A staggering number of people are diagnosed with one or more chronic disease (such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity etc.) and take one or more medications to treat their chronic condition. In addition, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, depression, gastrointestinal conditions and autoimmune disorders are on the rise.

Your food choices matters!



It’s very important to carefully choose a nutrition lifestyle that promotes and increases you health -physically, emotionally and mentally!   

A plant- based lifestyle is a simple way to  accomplish all that!



Ready to take the first step?

What you eat:

An abundance of delicious foods! 

  • Fruits- apples, berries, bananas, kiwis...

  • Veggies- lettuce, Kale, broccoli, peppers...

  • Tubers- sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets...

  • Whole Grains- brown rice, quinoa, farro, whole wheat, oats...

  • Legumes- black beans, lentils, kidney beans, chick peas...

And these are just a few examples!!

What it Excludes:

  • Meat- including chicken and fish

  • Dairy products

  • Eggs

  • Highly refined foods- bleached flours, refined sugars, oils


The 4 most common reasons to adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle

1. Health

A plant-based lifestyle has been clinically proven to prevent and reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, some forms of cancer, obesity and autoimmune disorders.  Emotional benefits include increased energy, improved mood and increased self- empowerment of taking back control of your health and well-being. Plant-based nutrition also makes maintaining a healthy weight easy-no more counting calories, measuring portion sizes, or feeling deprived. You will be able to maintain your healthy weight while eating an abundance of delicious foods. If your an athlete, plant-based nutrition has been proven to speed up your bodies recovery time between workouts.   


2. Mindfulness

Where does our food come from and what’s in it? We can easily fall into this "out of sight, out of mind" mentality about the journey of our food prior to it landing at the grocery store. However, part of being mindful and present in our lives means being aware of all of our habits and our food choices are a daily habit we don't want to ignore. Food choices are crucial to personal health and the health of all beings: animals and the environment.  Part of mindfulness is understanding that our individual choices have a rippling effect on all beings.


Environmental Factors

Adopting a plant-based diet is the best thing you can do to help sustain our environment. Raising animals for food requires large amounts of land, food, water, and energy. This has caused and continues to cause a devastating impact on our environment through climate change, pollution from greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation to grow food for animals and house animals prior to slaughter. Raising animals for food requires large amounts of water to keep animals hydrated, water to hydrate the food to feed the animals and water to use for the daily operations of the factory farms. Along with land, oceans are also being damaged by commercial fishing methods that upset the natural process of the oceans and bycatch killing of ocean animals not intended to be caught.  Adopting a plant-based lifestyle can drastically reduce your carbon foot print.

Animal Welfare

A plant-based nutrition lifestyle is kind and respectful to all living beings. We go to the grocery store and buy our food without questioning where or how our food was gown. We look at the milk carton or chicken package that we place in our shopping carts as a food product instead of the living and breathing being with a personality and feelings that it actually is. By the time we see our food it is neatly packaged for us with a picture of a happy farm animal on it and a nice friendly word like "organic" or "free range."  However, that is not the reality. There is a great deal of suffering and abuse endured by each animal prior to the animals death. Terms like cage free or free range have become common and may sound nice for marketing purposes but unfortunately paying more for these products doesn’t change the end result of death for the animal or the inhumane treatment throughout their lives.   


Get Clear on Your WHY

As with any healthy lifestyle change, getting clear on your why can help you stay focused and on track when implementing your new daily habits.

Need help implementing a plant-based lifestyle?