How to Dine out Plant-Based

Dining Out : The Plant-Based Edition!

If your feeling worried about dining out plant-based, fear not! It can absolutely be done.  With a little planning the ordering process will flow smoothly and you won’t get stuck with a side salad.

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Do Some Exploring

Prior to dining out take some time to explore your favorite areas  to see what restaurants are there that offer plant-based options.  Often times we will default to “our favorite place", but you will be surprised at how many amazing restaurants are out there that you may not have been to yet that offer delicious plant-based dishes.

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Review the Menu Ahead of Time

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With most menus being online, looking at the menu ahead of time will be helpful to get an idea if meals offered can be made plant-based. This will also help you ask more specific questions when ordering.


Call Ahead


When looking at the menu if it doesn’t seem that any plant-based options are available call the restaurant and ask them if they could make a plant-based dish that is not listed on the menu. I have eaten some of my favorite meals this way!


Talk to the Server

I do recommend doing your homework and having a couple of meals in mind prior to ordering but please remember that the server is there to help you have a pleasant dining experience so let them help by nicely explaining to them that you eat a plant-based diet and let them give you some options that are possible.

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This is a great website to search for plant-based friendly restaurants and stores. Being able to search by location is also very helpful if you’re traveling. 


Most importantly, keep a mindset of abundance and possibility. If you believe that there are lots of great plant friendly place to dine, the server is going to be helpful and your plant-based meal will be delicious- it will all happen. Stay focused on the things you want and it will become your reality.  Happy dining!


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