Flirting With a Cleaner, Friendlier More Abundant Food Lifestyle?

Let's start with you eating more whole, real foods.

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As a life coach who specializes in making healthy lifestyle changes fun and successful, I am thrilled you’re interested in learning how to seamlessly make yourself healthier and happier through fueling your body and mind with a detoxifying, nutritious, and delicious plant based food lifestyle.


Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle:

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  • No counting calories,  measuring, or calculations. JUST lots of healthy, nutrient-dense whole, real foods

  • Achieve your healthy weight and accomplish your fitness goals with ease

  • Prevent and reverse chronic medical diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, autoimmune diseases, some forms of cancer and obesity

  •  Emotional/mental benefits of increased energy, improved mood- decreased depression, fatigue and brain fog, a healthier emotional relationship with food and body image
  • A plant based lifestyle is made up of fresh, clean, healthy, responsible  and nourishing foods that will leave you feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally amazing! 
  • Building a stronger relationship to the earth; the environment and living critters (cultivating more kindness)

Don't worry, its easier than you think!


3 Easy Plans to Get Healthier

Try out a plant-based lifestyle, gradually!


The 4 Week Leafy Green Challenge

The Challenge: Follow a plant based diet for 4 weeks

Ready to give it a shot, never done this before and have some reservations if a plant based lifestyle is for you. This challenge will detox and rejuvenate your body and mind. You will feel lighter and healthier! Want to learn more...

4 Weeks is Fast!


The 12 Week Jump-Start Program

Interested in eating healthier and cleaner by adding more plant based meals to your diet but don't know where to start or have been inconsistently implementing healthy food habits and are ready for sustainable long last change? The Jump-Start program will outline the foundation of a plant based diet with  gradual and easy to follow steps to make eating healthier a snap. Want to learn more...


How much better will you feel in just 12 weeks?



6 Month Lifestyle Transformation

Serious about living more mindfully. It all starts with daily habits. Our food choices matter! The Plant-Based Lifestyle Transformation program will walk you through step by step how to use plant based nutrition to become healthier and live more intentioanly making a stronger connection to the relationship with yourself,  all animal beings, and the environment.  Want to learn more...


I'm ready for lasting change!


Some of the perceived challenges of living a plant-based lifestyle:

Cooking-easy-market-coaching-support-vegan-vegetarian-plant based-healthy
  • Give up comfort foods?!@#$%#
  • I'm an athlete who trains hard- I wont be able to maintain my strength & endurance eating this way
  • but...PROTEIN?!!
  • Holidays?  Barbecues ? Restaurants?- I wont be able to eat anything
  • I wont be able to get my family onboard
  • My food shopping bill will increase
  • I'm busy and I don't like to cook, Making plant-based meals is labor intensive & time consuming

With support and just a little bit of planning, these are 100% Non-Issues.


Choose a plan & start exploring!


Building the Foundation

Building a Healthier Life

Building a Sustainable Lifestyle


Learn more about a Plant Based Lifestyle

Check out the blogs!


Curious & Ready to Jump into a Plant-Based Lifestyle? 

Want a customized plan to make your new food lifestyle fun, manageable and successful? Or perhaps you're just not sure where to start. Let's talk!


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