6 Months to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Are You Ready for Your Whole Life to Look Different? Are You Sick of "Quick Fixes" that Don't Work?

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What you'll get:

  • Weekly 60 minute one-on-one strategy & support sessions to ensure your success
  • Monthly thematic focus that builds as you gain confidence & expertise
  • Coaching & education behind the science of plant-based living
  • Mindfulness techniques that last
  • Shopping lists, recipes and meal planning support & guidance
  • Tools to navigate social situations

Give yourself 6 months to change your life.




Pay upfront $3,599  & save $180


Are you ready to get clear?


Serious about incorporating more mindfulness in your life which will help you stress less, eat clean and live more. It all starts with daily habits. Your food choices matter.

Live in alignment with your true self, improve your health and overall well-being and make a huge positive impact on the well-being of animals and the environment.

As a life coach who specializes in how to make healthy lifestyle changes sustainable, doable and successful all while having lots of fun throughout  the process, I will help you create a customized plan to gradually incorporate real, whole foods into your nutrition lifestyle, leaving you feeling more motivated and inspired daily.

You will truly feel at peace living more intentionally with an abundance of health benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

Plant-Based Living

Live in abundance of mindset and health. Increase your love of food by no longer counting calories,  worrying about portion sizes, or weight loss. Just fuel your body that works so diligently for you all day, every day with lots of healthy, nutrient-dense whole, real foods.

Achieve your healthy weight and accomplish your fitness goals with ease!

Plant-based foods prevent and revere chronic medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, asthma, some forms of cancer and obesity.  These foods reduce inflammation in the body, help with digestive issues and eliminate brain fog.

Increase your mindfulness practice and live more intentionally by thoughtfully making your food choices. This will improve your emotional and mental health by increased energy, improved mood and increased kindness and compassion for all living beings- humans, animals, and the environment.

A plant-based lifestyle is about reawakening yourself  and being present to your daily choices.

You'll eat fresh, clean, and healthy foods that will leave you feeling amazing mind, body, and soul.


Who is this program for?

  • If you are ready and motivated to live a plant-based lifestyle but feel overwhelmed with where or how to best start to accomplish a sustainable transformation
  • If you are highly motivated to live a happier, healthier and more abundant lifestyle that will improve the lives of all humans, animals, and the environment

100% Customized to Your Unique Needs

This customized program will give you an in depth strategy and an abundance of tools and resources on how to make a plant-based lifestyle a sustainable way to eat and live.  All while providing support and accountability as you make this transition. You will be astonished at the improved health benefits and lasting mind/body results, and relief you will experience.

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What You'll Achieve in 6 Months

The Program Overview

This is an outline of topics we'll cover but the program will be customized based on your specific goals, and current lifestyle. Personalization is key!

Month 1 : Plan, Strategize, & Implement

  • Get clear on your why! As with any lifestyle change ensuring ease of implementation and long lasting sustainability will require a plan
  • Review your current food lifestyle & how to add more plant-based foods
  • Identify barriers & create a plan to manage or eliminate them
  • Learn the different plant-based food groups
  • Gain clarity, confidence, and focus
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Month 2 : Nourish & Calibrate

  • Continue eliminating processed foods, sugars, and oils from your nutrition lifestyle
  • Food mindfulness- becoming more aware of what’s in your food
  • Refine & adjust your approach
  • You'll notice an extreme increase in your energy levels: might be time to give up coffee too!

Month 3 : Energize & Invigorate

  • Vegan lifestyle vs. Plant-based lifestyle- why all vegans are not healthy
  • Plant-based food substitutes for eggs, butter, milk, and cheese
  • Comfort in your plant-based lifestyle becoming a habit
  • Begin to see results on the scale and in the mirror

Month 4:  Create & Inspire

  • Meal planning made simple
  • Food shopping lists made easy
  • Socialization & plant-based nutrition lifestyle
  • How to dine out plant-based
  • Family, friends, and work
  • Experience in preparing delicious plant-based meals. You are a better cook then you thought!

Month 5 : Informed & Empowered

  • Debunk high protein, low carb myth
  • Importance of fiber
  • Why cheese is addicting
  • Confidence in your plant-based lifestyle and inspire others to good health

Month 6 : Thrive & Grow

  • Goal review & lifestyle suitably plan design
  • Tools and resources for continued support
  • What if you don’t know anyone else who is plant-based
  • A deeper sense of mindfulness, connection to yourself, and to all living beings

Yes! I'm Ready to Transform My Life



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