12 Weeks to Plant Based

Jump into a Healthier YOU using a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Ready to feel more energized, healthy & generally ALIVE? Take on your day by fueling your body with foods that will actually improve your physical health and emotional well being, bite by bite!

In 12 weeks you will detox your body and reenergize you soul taking back control of your health.  

Together we will create a customized plan to seamlessly make eating real, whole foods a motivating and enjoyable daily habit. You will learn the foundations of a plant-based lifestyle and gain tools and resources for continued action steps to improve you health and well-being.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food- Hippocrates

Invest in Your Life!

12 Weeks/$1,920


What You'll Get

  • Weekly 60 minute one-on-one strategy & support sessions to ensure your success
  • Coaching & education behind the science of plant-based living
  • Shopping lists, recipes and meal planning support & guidance
  • Tools to navigate social situations
  • Mindfulness techniques that last
  • Customized support for your unique needs & goals

How a Plant-Based Lifestyle makes YOU Healthier

Athlete-health-vegetables-plant based-vegan-health coach

No counting calories or worrying about portion sizes, JUST lots of healthy, nutrient-dense plant foods that will help you  achieve  your healthy weight and accomplish your fitness goals with ease.  If your train hard for marathons, weight training or cross fit, plant-based nutrition aids in faster  recovery time between workouts, leaving you feeling  stronger and more energized to train hard with less lag time.

Plant-based nutrition has also been proven to prevent and reverse chronic medical diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, some forms of cancer and obesity. Plant-based foods are anti-inflammatory and improve digestive issues.

 As well as promoting emotional and mental health benefits such as  increased energy and  a healthier emotional relationship with food and body image. Improving your nutrition will help rid brain fog, fatigue, and depression.

You'll eat fresh, clean, healthy foods that will leave you feeling amazing both mind and body

Don't worry, its easier than you think!

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Who is this program for?

If you're motivated to start a plant-based lifestyle but don't know where to start, or you have inconsistently been implementing changes and are ready for sustainable long lasting change, this is for you!

100% Customized to Your Unique Needs 

In this program we will create a customized plan to make adding plant-based meals seamless and enjoyable, even on a busy schedule.

Learn, eat, focus & thrive

You will learn the foundations of a plant-based nutritional lifestyle with support and accountability to help you stay motivated and focused through individual coaching calls, a beta-stage private Facebook support group and resources and tools for ongoing sustainability and self-coaching.

The 12 Week  to Plant-Based Overview

This is an outline of topics we'll cover and customize based on your initial goals, and current lifestyle. Personalization is key!

Month 1 : Learn & Eat

  • Getting clear on your "why"! Identify barriers and how to manage them. As with any lifestyle change ensuring ease of implementation and long lasting suitability will require a plan
  • Review your current food lifestyle and how to add more plant-based foods to your meals
  • Plant-based food groups & high protein, low carb myths busted
  • Vegan lifestyle vs. Plant based lifestyle- why all vegans are  not healthy

Month 2 : Focus & Evolve

  • Effortlessly reducing processed foods, sugars, and oils
  • Alternatives/substitutes - milk, eggs, butter and cheese
  • Simple plant-based meal planning

Month 3: Thrive

  • Dining out or in with family, friends, and work lunches
  • Lifestyle sustainability plan review: what you need to know to sustain a vibrant, plant-based lifestyle
  • Tools and resources for continued support


Yes! I am Ready to Start!  


Not quite sure where to start?